After escaping from Fyra, Amaldria realized that the death of her mother made her Fyra's new queen. She swallowed her emotions and determined to lead her entourage to Balic in order to gather support, passing through Ledopolus on the way. The journey proved long and arduous. On the first leg, they encountered a pair of slavers who had captured Elara, a young nomad. Elara escaped her bonds and attacked, maiming one of the slavers. The Fyrans took control of the situation and sent the slavers off, wounded but alive. Elara saw their wealth and power and convinced Amaldria that her expertise and knowledge of the terrain would be an asset, thus joining the group.

In Ledopolus, while crossing the Estuary of the Forked Tongue, the exiles encountered Fess, the mysterious half-elf from Kita's past. Fess identified the Fyras and demanded to know Kita's fate. When he heard, he immediately took to the air (revealing himself as a powerful air mage) and went north to help Kita. The Fyras continued southeast to Balic.

On the way, Amaldria saved a pair of adventurers from death in the Estuary. Breck and Gardon became her retainers, although they had their own plans as well. Shortly after, the Fyrans and their new friends arrived in Balic, tired but intact.

PCs Involved: Amaldria Fyra, Athellia Fyra, Mekhimmel Fyra, Jaisein Ultarr, Elara of Herath

Henchmen Involved: Ino, Vabok the Fair, Breck, Gardon

NPCs Involved: Fess