The prologue focused on the members of House Valdrex, who were stranded in the desert with no water after a sandstorm struck while they were returning to Nibenay with goods from the village of Cromlin. After being battered by thirst, the desert sun, and a wild ankheg, the party reached an oasis occupied by elven nomads. Atris traded for water while Arrok was flirted upon by the elf chief's niece. The PCs continued towards Nibenay, and encountered a group of escaped slaves who were dying of thirst. The party did not share their own scarce water, but directed the escapees to the elven oasis in hopes that they would survive. Shortly after, they reached Nibenay with their lives and their fortunes intact.

PCs involved: Atris Valdrex (Chamith), Lut (Will), Monica (Arrok)

Henchmen involved: None

NPCs involved: None