In Nibenay, Mavvis Valdrex was courting Salerra Shenrai, a minor noble. The two were in love, and they were sure to marry as soon as they worked out who would be the head of household. To that end, Mavvis bought the Helm of Pau Shenrai, an enchanted helmet of great cultural significance that would enhance his own status in the eyes of the Shenrai family and all of Nibenay. However, the caravan with the Helm was attacked and looted by the Dune Men.

Mavvis investigated, accompanied by Lut. The two learned from Atris Valdrex that the Dune Men were fencing their goods to a rival merchant house, House Jiao. Mavvis and Lut determined to recover the Helm and use proof of Jiao's links with raiders to discredit them. They went to Arrok for help, who directed them to a thief named Raptor. Mavvis and Lut hired Raptor to break into a House Jiao warehouse in search of the Helm. Raptor returned with evidence that House Jiao had received the Helm, but had given it to the widely-feared Enligon family.

Rather than expose the theft and risk angering the Enligons, Mavvis and Lut went to negotiate. They met with Wyss Enligon, the family's heir, confronted him with the facts, and offered to buy the Helm back. Wyss acknowledged that his family stole the Helm, and the two sides threatened each other until Wyss offered to buy the legal rights to the Helm. Mavvis named his price: the Enligons would end their alliance with House Jiao and work with House Valdrex instead. Wyss accepted, on the condition that Mavvis break all ties with Salerra, whose family was a rival to the Enligon family. Mavvis agreed, assuring that House Valdrex's rise would continue.

PCs involved: Mavvis Valdrex, Lut

Henchmen involved: None

NPCs involved: Atris Valdrex, Arrok, Wyss Enligon