A Gulg raid had killed Pomnin Yue, a minor noble with no heirs, and so the Nibenese templars were distributing his holdings to the other noble families. House Valdrex was particularly interested in the fate of South Watch, a logging village and the House's most important source of lumber. The Hiatyr family was pursuing a claim to South Watch, and due to Hiatyr's rivalry with House Valdrex's allies in the Enligon family, a Hiatyr ruler in South Watch would surely refuse to deal with House Valdrex. Atris sent Mavvis and Arrok to ensure the templar in command of South Watch chose someone else, and to buy the shipment of agafari wood currently sitting in the village.

The two met with a friend of Arrok's who had spent time in South Watch, and who told them much about about Captain Neyen, the templar in command, including her fondness for Balican wine. Mavvis bought several bottles, then asked his father to send along extra protection at Arrok's behest. Atris sent Myrn Valdrex and two guards.

During the journey through the Crescent Forest, they were ambushed by archers from House Jiao, who forced the party into a ravine filled with carniverous snake vines before leaving them for dead. One of House Valdrex's guards was killed, but the rest of the group fought their way out and reached South Watch more or less intact.

Mavvis and Arrok settled in and took stock of the situation. Captain Neyen and her troops proved to be experienced, undisciplined professionals with no patience for the political situation they found themselves caught in. Neyen agreed to meet Mavvis and Arrok over a bottle of wine after she had dealt with the nobles. While they were waiting, Mavvis learned that his ex-fiance, Salerra Shenrai, was present on behalf of her family. Shortly after, he was approached by an exotic merchant who matched the description of the nomadic trader Kita and Jaisein heard about while following Fess's trail.

That evening, Mavvis and Arrok met with Captain Neyen as planned. Arrok and Neyen got quite drunk and a good time was had by all. Convinced of House Valdrex's neutrality, Neyen agreed to their generous offer to help cut through the political double-dealing. Neyen and Arrok ended up sleeping together when Mavvis left, alone and slightly drunk.

Mavvis woke up Salerra, professed his undying love, explained why he had had no choice but to break off their engagement (but stopped short of actually apologizing), and asked Salerra to take him back. Salerra refused, gently but firmly, explaining that Mavvis's actions had forced her to acknowledge a side of him that she had been ignoring before.

Mavvis attempted to make amends in some small way by recommending that Captain Neyen entrust the village to House Shenrai. Neyen agreed, and sold House Valdrex the lumber shipment at a low price out of gratitude for their help. The foreign merchant traded steel for the amber pearls in the wood, then left even before House Valdrex returned to Nibenay.

PCs involved: Arrok, Mavvis Valdrex

Henchmen involved: None

NPCs involved: Captain Neyen, Salerra Shenrai, Alstros Hiatyr, Myrn Valdrex