Daily life continued while Raclabastia recovered from her wounds. Kita encountered a mysterious half-elf who seemed to know about Kita's past. The half-elf fled, but not before Kita acquired a piece of his robe, which was dyed an exotic purple color that not even Jaisein had seen before. Meanwhile, Jaisein met a Balican merchant and conspired to blackmail Hrath as an informant towards unknown ends.

Raclabastia recovered and decided to accept the alliance with Gulg and marriage to Sor Aholak. While the royal family prepared for the wedding, Jaisein's contacts tracked the unknown fabric to a Fyran village. Jaisein and Kita investigated, and found stories of a dark-skinned nomad in a robe of the same fabric who bought totems with steel.

The Gulgs arrived with Sor Aholak, Jemmit Aholak, Om Ala, and two thousand warriors, most of whom camped outside the city. Due to the curse and psychological trauma, Om Ala's presence made Amaldira ill, but she and the rest of the royal family remained diplomatic. That night, the Gulg dignitaries and a handful of guards attended a large banquet in celebration of the impending wedding. Jemmit and Mekhimmel flirted on the dance floor, and the banquet went smoothly.

The Gulgs launched a surprise attack as the banquet was ending. Om Ala seized the palace gate, and the Gulgs inside the city took control of the West Gate. Jemmit led her honor guard, who turned out to be templars in disguise, in an attack on the royal children. The PCs killed the guards and took Jemmit alive, but everyone was wounded and Mekhimmel was nearly incapacitated. As more Gulg troops poured into the palace, the party fled for the hidden exit behind the throne room. On the way, they found Princess Alnere dead, slain by the Gulgs. Moments later, Om Ala arrived with a sizable force. Kita stayed behind, delaying Om Ala while the royals escaped, but he was eventually captured by the Gulgs. Meanwhile, the party encountered Sergeant Vabok and his squad and took command of them in the chaos.

In the throne room, the PCs found Queen Elaras dying of her wounds, watched over by King Prean. He stayed behind to die with his queen and sent the PCs ahead. Once outside the palace, Sterrid decided to stay and lead the resistance against the Gulgs. Jaisein found a cart and attempted to smuggle the remaining royal family, Jemmit Aholak, and Vabok's troops out of the city. All went well until they reached the gate, where Sor Aholak was waiting with a small army. He discovered the party, and a short fight broke out, which ended when Vabok threatened to kill Jemmit. Sor Aholak agreed to let the party flee with their lives if his daughter was returned to him. Both sides honored the bargain, and the remnants of the Fyran royal family left their city behind.

PCs involved: Amaldria Fyra, Athellia Fyra, Mekhimmel Fyra, Sterrid Fyra, Jaisein Ultarr, Kita

Henchen involved: Ino, Vabok the Fair

NPCs involved: Elaras Fyra, Prean Fyra, Raclabastia Fyra, Om Ala, Sor Aholak, Jemmit Aholak, Fess