The first game of the main plot. The Weeping Lady, a self-proclaimed assassin, warned the Fyra family that a rival group was planning to kill King Prean when he returned from a diplomatic mission to Gulg. Queen Elaras tasked Princess Athellia and her companions with rooting out the assassins before Prean's arrival, while General Raclabastia set about preparing defenses in case this failed. The PCs went to Syrio Helmond, the gate captain, who told them about suspicious recent arrivals.

Jaisein and Amaldria interviewed Master Dox, a Balican merchant who had come to Fyra to secure a source of copper. Without revealing Amaldria's identity, Jaisein satisfied the merchant, sent him safely out of the city, and made a handsome profit besides. The PCs then interviewed the giant Nak the Strong, leader of a band of mercenaries who claimed they were looking for work. The PCs arranged to send the mercenaries off guarding Dox's caravan, but Nak and his followers reneged on the deal and stayed in Fyra. Syrio detained a number of suspicious elves, who Athellia and Kita interrogated. This led them to Madame Aldra, the leader of a band of assassins posing as prostitutes. A short fight killed two of Aldra's people, but the rest escaped.

That night, Aldra's band killed a guard as they slipped over the wall, into the city. Meanwhile, Jaisein learned of Nak's deception.

The next day was the Festival of Medrak, a religious festival celebrated with a city-wide masquerade. King Prean had arranged to arrive during the Festival. The PCs, joined by Prince Sterrid and Lieutenant Hrath, patrolled the route of his parade. They encountered Aldra's group and killed them when they tried to flee. When Prean's procession arrived, a pair of elven archers attacked him. Amaldria and Sterrid protected their father, but the attack was merely a diversion. The main attack came when Nak's mercenaries rushed Raclabastia. The other PCs dispatched the mercenaries, but not before Raclabastia was gravely wounded.

Order was restored, and the royal family convened. King Prean revealed that he had brokered an alliance with Gulg, to be sealed by a marriage between Raclabastia and Sor Aholak. The assassination attempt, he assumed, was a Nibenese plot to derail the alliance. Fortunately, Raclabastia was under the healers' care and Syrio's protection, and was expected to recover swiftly.

PCs involved: Athellia Fyra, Amaldria Fyra, Jaisein Ultarr, Kita

Henchmen involved: Ino

NPCs involved: Raclabastia Fyra, Elaras Fyra, Sterrid Fyra, Prean Fyra, Syrio Helmond, The Weeping Lady, Master Dox, Hrath